Saturday, January 23, 2010

Medical Student’s Appeal Highlights Challenges of Dyslexia

My Bio: tells the story of my life with the Gift of Dyslexia.

There are so many changes in technology which has broken the learning barriers which kept me from being measured with knowledge which is gained by reading.

Text to speech and speech recognition have for me almost leveled the written knowledge world to where I am excelling.

If I were a student today, and would be as they are in my day to day life my enablers to the written word.

Dyslexia is a Gift, which is barely ever mentioned. The ability to think or as I call it seeing in multi-dimensions is a Gift which creates solutions. Most dyslectics see the end or anticipate the end before the means are even considered.

View the greats, Einstein, Edison, Charles Schwab and others and then you can see it is a Gift, not a disability.

The archaic learning processes we have in place today are restricted by people and traditions, they are not thinking ahead. Take for instance tools. Read:OutLoud and turn any book or text book into a virtual book.

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Why is America not there yet, we are as dyslectics if the schools let us.. The by-product would be the Education System in America would be brought into to the 21st Century and there would be no barriers to learning..

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