Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Letter to Post and Courier .com, on a story of a student with dyslexia

Dear Ms. Wenger:

Bookshare.org and RFBD.org have great tools for the dyslexics. Main streaming is a good and economical solution to those with dyslexia and the proper tools.

Text to speech combined with digital text books and the web provide an excellent learning tool. Bookshare.org has provided such a combination, whereas a student is reading their textbook with Read:OutLoud and he or she comes to a person they do not know or a word they need defined, all they do is highlight the word and click the dictionary or go to the web and look them up.

Recently I became a member of Bookshare.org, which is free for all qualifying students in the United States, and for the first time while using this combination of tools I thought of going back to school.

It is my hope this will help the Floyd family, and contribute to the knowledge base of the Statehouse, so unnecessary spending for tools which are already available.
My Blogs has similar information about these tools and more.

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