Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kindles Replacing Textbooks at Tech Savvy High School

Kindles Replacing Textbooks at Tech Savvy High School
May 25, 2011 12:00 PM EDT
Kindles replacing textbooks at a tech savvy high school in Clearwater, Florida has been completed. In Florida textbooks are now considered old-fashioned with a new law waiting for Governor Rick Scott's signature.

The law would replace all old-fashioned textbooks in Florida by the 2015 school year and replace them with digital textbooks. Technology is now moving forward at blinding speed in just about every area of modern living.

Kindles Replacing Textbooks Well Received by Students and Teachers

Teachers at Clearwater High School say that the conversion to Kindles is already improving students grades. The students are already so immersed in the high-tech world of the Internet, smartphones, SMS texting, Facebook, Twitter, and the like that digital textbooks seem only a natural evolution. Students note that the Kindles replacing textbooks provides them with helpful features like instant access to a dictionary, required reading material, and the ability to research just about any subject. Students rapidly adapt to a technology that most are already familiar with.

In addition, students are quick to note that the convenience of carrying around only one light device instead of several pounds of heavy textbooks makes accepting the Kindle a pleasure. Besides that, the Kindle is considered way more cool than a backpack full of textbooks.

Students seem to be thrilled with the changeover. The following remarks are typical. "This is so light, you can read for hours," says Sabrina Shore, 17, a senior at Clearwater High School.

"It's better than carrying all those textbooks and remembering to go to my locker put it away carry my other textbook," adds Samantha Frank, 17, senior at Clearwater High School.

Students Take Care of Their Kindles

One other benefit that teachers and students have noted is that students take care of their technology far better than they took care of their textbooks. Students seem excited about having Kindles. Were they excited about carrying around heavy old-fashioned textbooks between home and the high school campus? The short answer is - not so much.

The cost of Kindles replacing textbooks is about $400,000. Clearwater High School received Federal technology fund and grant money to pay for the Kindles. So far it looks like those funds will be well spent and will produce better more involved students as well for teachers improve the teaching experience.

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