Thursday, January 27, 2011

New President and CEO of RFBD

Dear Andrew Friedman:

Congratulations and thank you for changing my life.

Why is RFBD still using readers to record for the Blind and Dyslexic? Synthetic voices are so much less expensive as is Optical Character Recognition tools.

In today's world we those person's with Disabilities are sitting on the edge of changing the whole education delivery system. Imagine a student reading a book and coming to a word they don't understand, or a place they don't know where it is or a person they don't know what they look like or a thing they don't know what it is, and with couple clicks of a mouse for a student with Dyslexia then has the answer. Well today it is possible, Read:Outloud and has created such a solution.

Recently I was reading "The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression" and I came across the mention of the "Dust Bowl", with a couple of clicks I learned it affected 100,000,000 acres and displaced 2.5 million people the largest migration ever recorded in least amount of time, less than two years. Now this was not in the book but I wanted to know. so with the book on Read:Outloud from I highlighted to words "Dust Bowl" and learned about the extent of the devastation of the "Dust Bowl". How many times do us; your readers, want to look something up and don't because it requires us to put the book down and go over the computer and look up the topic of interest. and RFBD I know work together, although both organizations maybe able to be more efficient, I don't know, it is worth taking a look for future growth.

With coupled with RFBD and tools like Read:Outloud, we the person's with "disabilities" can change the Education Delivery System. How? Well pair up together and show our Nation and State Education Departments the unleashed power of the "virtual Book" which RFBD and have already created. Show them how both organizations have transformed the Textbooks to a digital format and paired the book up with technology like Read:Outloud. This combination has allowed the students (with a "disability" in a free country) to ask a question; who is this person, place or thing, and find the answers which in turn broaden their educational experience.

We who have the "Gift of Dyslexia" have this capability so let us share it with the Nation and enable the Nation to grow as Bookshare has done for us with the "Gift of Dyslexia".

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Davis W. Graham

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