Saturday, December 4, 2010

US News encourging LD students, my comment

Dear Kim:

Thank you for your article encouraging those students who have a LD to attend college. One if not the best resource which was not mentioned was What a gift this is for those who have the gift of Dyslexia or other qualifying disabilities. has the combination of digital textbooks and software which has the potential to change the landscape of our education system. For those who do qualify it has already changed the landscape by taking a textbook and turning the book and software combination into a vitrual book. If you come to a person, place or thing you don't know then you just highlight the word and with the internet you are able to data mine the topic and incorporate the meaning into your book.

Check out "Dyslexia and technology" on Youtube for a demostration.

Our education system is good let's make it great by incorporating the technology which is available to learning disabled students and make it available to all who seek to learn.

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