Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tools of the 21st Century, post to

Dear Advocates:

Our report card in Schools could be graded by the size of the juvenile detention population.

Take the software programs which were mentioned in the discussion string titled "tools in the 21st Century" which states:

We live today with text to speech software most of which is free, note taking tools like mind spring and Xmind, and then there are great programs such as which is one gateway to learning.

Complex thinking is my gift, I think in pictures, we are all built differently, we all can learn differently, although our educational system does not teach efficiency.

Today, text to speech is best to be in all schools and libraries. Note taking tools available and accepted in all class rooms, virtual textbooks which creates with Read:OutLoud would make deeper learning thru data mining an ease. (At Youtube, type "2010 Manatee County School Board demo" and view " and Readplease)

We live in a world which is accelerating technologically but tools are not being share or utilized to advance education as quickly as it should.

At my bio ( ) you can hear what it is like to struggle, yet succeed and at my blog ( ) which I contribute to there are a few of the many tools which are available to enable those who struggle to find their feet with the "Gift of Dyslexia".

Davis W. Graham

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