Tuesday, April 7, 2009

There is more hope than most think.


See post titled "Talking Books" about a software program which has changed my life. www.readplease.com (a free download) this program I think is so important that, I have since 2001 when I found it, have gone to the school board but with little success. The private schools implemented the software on to their library computers, but I haven't heard much more...

It may be a one size fits all kind of software, the practical use of this software is beyond compare. I use it to read the Wall Street Journal, today 17 pages of articles or last night ("thank the Lord" for www.bookshare.org ) The Preacher and the Presidents: Billy Graham in the White House, by Nancy Gibbs.

If I were in school today, with this type of software and text books available in digital format, (if you ask me all text books should be only available in digital format at least for this country "just to be Green") my career future would have been so much more different. Where would I be, well I can't look back (Luke 9:62) because I'm here, but with your article and those who are in the education system or others who respond to your article we can all make a difference one student at a time, and by one institution at a time, we will make it look different for others.

As you hinted to, I agree we (dyslexics) are ahead of their time in education, and ways of learning, and I'm sitting on the edge of this technology reading chair enjoying for the first time my choice of reading the bible, daily devotions, emails coming in and proofing email going out, health care insurance 30 + page contract, an article, a trade journal or a book which I never thought I would be able to read.

My life has changed. From being all that you described in your article even the dark side, because I was reading at 85 words a minute with a lot or frustration, to today not having enough time to read at 300 to 480 words per minute. Attached is an article which I wrote about those trials. (Postcards from an LD Veteran).

Thank you again for your article, and advocacy. This world will one day be turning to us (dyslectics) for the newest way to learn, we are just ahead of our time, for now.

The future has so much more in store, check out our web-site at www.manateediagnostic.com, what if every paper in this country were 'readplease enabled' ? or go to http://www.readplease.com/english/rpenablewebsitecontent.php

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