Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thank you Steve Jobs and hello to Read2Go

Thank you Steve Jobs and hello to Read2Go:

Steve Jobs was to us like baseball was to the great depression. We as the American public and the world watched the big west coast Apple waiting for the next homerun.

Steve Jobs was fun to watch, he was fun to talk about as we waited his next up to bat and talk to each other about what it is like to experience his last homerun. The field of technology was changed forever as was the field of baseball when Babe Ruth called his shot in the 5th inning of Game 3 of the 1932 World Series.

We have been blessed; Steve Jobs creations have touched the world of communication, the world of children, artist from musician to software writers and touched the person who has the print disability who was given Read2Go. We have now all been put into the mainstream of the amphitheater of life to discover, express and read in valleys and places we thought our minds would never have been able to go before.

As his life light has been blown out he has left this world his creative light, like Edison. He has given us a table to place our reading light which has changed hearts and encouraged minds to the next generation.

Steve Jobs gave us a new image to technology just as Babe Ruth gave an everlasting image to baseball; we all have been given a new view in our inning of life.

Thank you Steve Jobs, and to your wife and family and your creative team who forever changed our lives. We will pass our given light on to our children as we read on.

In Christ service,
Davis Graham